Sensual Pleasures - 

Erotic Massage for you

Like your favourite dessert.  Beautifully presented, mouthwatering and tasty.  In fact, you never want the experience to end

Matt - West Sussex

This lady is exquisite in every way.  She is a warm, curvaceous lady who knows how to put people at ease.  I never believed a massage could feel so good.  The combination of relaxation and stimulation is hard to explain but amazing to experience.  She is worth the journey.

Steve, London

Erotic Massage

Congratulations Lucy on your new website.
What it cannot convey is: the warm welcome, the outfit, the laughter, the touch, caring, inviting, exciting, soothing and totally relaxing, that I experience each time I visit you. I look forward with great expectation for every one of my fortnightly visits and am always totally satisfied, leaving in a daze, wishing away the next 13 days until I can return.
This is what Lucy does to you, much, much more than a massage

Philip - West Sussex