Sensual Pleasures - 

Erotic Massage for you

Erotic Massage

Terms & Conditions

Payment is to be made at the start of the appointment.  Cash only, NO EXCEPTIONS 
Please arrive promptly for your full body massage
Late arrival will reduce the duration of your experience into the world of relaxation and pleasure whilst still incurring the full fee.  
Sensual Pleasures is strictly massage only and is in no way an invitation of sexual services.

Although the Sensual Pleasures Massage is definitely a sensual-erotic experience it is not a hidden or open invitation for intercourse. I do not offer or perform  intercourse or oral sex

I reserve the right to refuse or terminate any sensual or tantric massage if I believe the customer is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.    
I reserve the right to refuse or terminate your intimate massage where issues about health, hygiene or safety are highlighted.    
This service is for adults only, namely any person over the age of 25. Anyone, who does not meet this criterion will have their appointment refused or cancelled, unless they provide ID/Proof of Age documentation to prove otherwise.  
I reserve the right to refuse or terminate your sensual or tantric massage, without refund, to those who behave in a manner deemed to be aggressive or inappropriate.   
I charge a Cancellation Fee of £50, when appointments are terminated 60 minutes or less before the agreed appointment.   ·       
I will terminate or cancel, without refund, any appointment where more than one person is present on the premises (individual appointments only) 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Are you close to the motorway?
A:   Yes, the venue is within driving distance of the A3 

          or M27.   
       A3-J4 or J5      5-10 minutes
       M27 - J12      15-20 minutes
Q:  What is the Therapy Room like?
A:   It is in a private property.  The room is tasteful, 
       providing a very warm, intimate and relaxed  
       environment.  Leave all your worries at the door 
       and step into a world of relaxation and pleasure.
Q:  Do you offer out-calls or sexual services?
A:   No, all of my business is done at a private

       location, ensuring my safety and your privacy.     

       Erotic massage does not equal sexual

Q:  My skin is very sensitive to chemicals and I am 
      worried I will react to the oils you use.

A:  Only high grade natural oils are used for the   
      massage.  In fact, the oils I use are GMO and     

      cruelty free, making them suitable for use on

      vegans - no chemicals just pure ingredients,   
      proteins and vitamins; which are excellent for 
      moisturising and softening the skin.  To add to 
      your experience the oil is warmed before 
      the sensual or tantric massage begins.
Q:  Can I count on your discretion?
A:   Discretion is an integral part of our partnership.             My expectation is discretion from both parties
Q:  Do I need to shower before my appointment?
A:  Cleanliness is expected and given.  Please note, I

      do not offer shower facilities.  Please refer 
      to my Terms and Conditions.