Basic Information About Your Massage with Sensual Pleasures in Hampshire 

What are the benefits of Massage?

The constant demands of modern life mean we tend to be on the go.  Life is full of stresses and strains resulting in us feeling weary and/or tired.  Massage gives a moment to pause, breath and relax where you become in touch with your well-being.  We shouldn't need an excuse to treat ourselves to moments of relaxation and enjoyment.  Sensual massage is not a luxury but a necessity; promoting well being and chemical reactions.  Stop thinking about it.... just do it - book an unforgettable, enjoyable experience.  The only decision you need to make is Sensual or Tantric.

Sensual massage is about intimacy and giving pleasure through touch.  Unlike normal

massage, the techniques for sensual and tantric massage involve the masseuse using

various parts of the body not just their hands.  

Tantric massage like sensual massage improves health and vitality. Its modern

meaning is the release of sexual energy in other words being in tune with your inner

pleasure.Let me help to release your inner energy in a warm and pleasurable environment

Your body will be touched and stroked, the erogenous zones will be stimulated using different pressures to relax, tease and excite you - no contradiction intended.  Your body will react naturally by releasing 'feel good' chemicals.  This chemical reaction is one of the many benefits you will enjoy with sensual or tantric massage.  Enjoy the sensations and feel of warm oil being dropped onto your skin, before being

massaged gently and with genuine care.  Please note I do not offer an outcall services.

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